Account, Payouts and Bonuses

Account, Payouts and Bonuses

Your User Account
Registration and opening of the user account must be carried out personally by the customer.
In order to be able to place bets using using any of the Websites, the customer must first register with ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. and open an account (“User Account”).
The registration is done either through the website of ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. or at a betting shop. The provisions of the registration are noted in the instructions.
The customer must enter all mandatory information requested into the registration form, in particular, name and surname, address and contact details, including a valid email address, as well as the needed payment information. All information must be true and correct. It is the sole responsibility of the customers to ensure that the information he/she has provided is true, complete and correct. ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. does not accept any liability for the liability for the misuse of a betting accounts with the specified username and password, by an unauthorized person. The customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and the password; all account transactions, deposits and withdrawals are registered under these information of the customer.
Customers are hereby notified that ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. carries out verification procedures of user accounts. A user account may be blocked or closed if it is found out that the customer has provided incorrect or misleading information.
Customers are not entitled to more than one user account. If a customer tries to open more than one account, all betting accounts will be closed. In this case ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. reserves a general exclusion of the customer.
If a customer notices that he/she has more than one user account under different names, he/she must notify ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. immediately.
As part of the registration process customers will have to choose a username and password for the login into the Website(s). It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer to ensure that the login details are kept securely. Customers must not disclose their login details to anyone. ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. is not responsible for any abuse or misuse of a user account by third parties due to disclosure of login details by a customer, whether intentional or accidental, whether active or passive.
ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. reserves the right to reject a registration without stating the reasons for such actions. Customers are entitled to close their user accounts at any time. In that respect they
can contact our customer service. In the event of closing an account at a customer’s request, we shall pay out the existing credit on the user account.

Deposits into User Account
Customers may participate in any sports betting, only if they have sufficient funds on the user account for such participation. ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. shall not give you any credit whatsoever for participation in sports betting.
The minimum deposit is EUR 10,00 the maximum deposit is EUR 1.000,00.
To deposit funds into the user Account, customers can use any of the methods specified in the relevant pages of the Website(s), as may be amended from time to time.
ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. reserves the right to use additional procedures and means to verify the identity of a customer when deposits are effected into user accounts. Customers have no right to receive interest or other sums produced by the account. The personal balance may be viewed at any time under “My Account”.

Withdrawals from User Account
Withdrawals are made via Bank transfer or by using Wirecard payment service. There are no charges nor fees for customers.
ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. will carry out additional verification procedures for any withdrawal exceeding the equivalent of EUR 1,000 and reserves the right to carry such verification procedures in case of lower payouts.
Customers can make withdrawals of a minimum EUR 10,00 to the bank account or to another account provided.

Inactive User Accounts
If there is no activity on an account for 30 months, the account is considered inactive. will transfer the credit that may be on the user account to the bank account stated by the customer in the account. The user account will be blocked.

Bonus Terms
The deposit bonus is only valid for players from certain countries and for certain affiliate channels. The deposit bonus can be used for any type of sports and live betting.
The deposit bonus can be granted only after the account has been registered and verified. For all inquiries regarding the bonus, customers can contact the responsible department at any time by emailing ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V.

The rollover:
The rollover is calculated based on each individual as well as on each affiliate channel. Once the welcome bonus has been claimed, all bets need to be settled down and rollover completed before any available funds can be withdrawn.
ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. reservs the right to set unique rollover conditions with its affiliate partners.

Important conditions
The minimum odds per bet slip calculated under the rollover is 1.80.
The maximum stake per bet slip calculated under the rollover is 100 EUR.
If the customer has funds in the account at the time the bonus is granted, the rollover must be completed before any available funds can be withdrawn. In the opposite case, if a customer makes a new
deposit while the bonus is active, the rollover however needs to be completed before withdrawing available funds.
The deposit bonus is limited to one betting account only. In the event of suspicion of multiple or fictitious accounts or other manipulations such as balance betting, ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. reserves the right to cancel the bonus granted together along with the associated bets.
By accepting these bonus terms, the customer agrees to the respective conditions. ROYAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V. reserves the right to change or cancel the deposit bonus at any time at its sole discretion.